Articles | Volume 1
05 May 2003
05 May 2003

Scattering in remote sensing in the visible and microwave spectral range and in traffic control

U. Böttger, R. Kühne, and K.-U. Thiessenhusene

Abstract. The treatment of scattering processes in remote sensing for interpretation of satellite data is demonstrated in the visible and microwave spectral range comparing the two spectral ranges. Analogies and distinctions in the treatment of the scattering processes are shown. Based on this cognition an approach for traffic simulation is outlined.

Simulating the traffic of a part of a city, a whole city or a larger area in an acceptable time is one of the tasks in recent traffic research. One possible approach is the areal treatment of the road network. That means that single streets are not resolved but are introduced into simulations only by parameters that correspond to a specific traffic area resistance. The aim of this work is to outline such a possibility using experiences obtained from the theory of radiative transport to simulate scattering processes and applying them to the very complex system of traffic simulation.