Articles | Volume 11
04 Jul 2013
 | 04 Jul 2013

Design of RF MEMS based switch matrix for space applications

S. Di Nardo, P. Farinelli, T. Kim, R. Marcelli, B. Margesin, E. Paola, D. Pochesci, L. Vietzorreck, and F. Vitulli

Abstract. RF MEMS based switch matrices have several advantages compared to the mechanical or solid-state switch based ones for space applications. They are compact, light and less lossy with a high linearity up to high frequency. In this work, a 12 × 12 switch matrix with RF MEMS and LTCC technologies is presented based on the planar Beneš network. The simulated performance of the 12 × 12 switch matrix is below −12 dB IL (Insertion Loss) up to C band and −15 dB RL (Return Loss) up to Ku band. Moreover, it has a good isolation better than −50 dB. A 4 × 4 switch matrix with the same design process and technologies is fabricated and measured to verify the 12 × 12 switch matrix design process. The measured performance agrees very well to the simulations.