Articles | Volume 13
03 Nov 2015
 | 03 Nov 2015

Comparison of electromagnetic solvers for antennas mounted on vehicles

M. S. L. Mocker, S. Hipp, F. Spinnler, H. Tazi, and T. F. Eibert

Abstract. An electromagnetic solver comparison for various use cases of antennas mounted on vehicles is presented. For this purpose, several modeling approaches, called transient, frequency and integral solver, including the features fast resonant method and autoregressive filter, offered by CST MWS, are investigated. The solvers and methods are compared for a roof antenna itself, a simplified vehicle, a roof including a panorama window and a combination of antenna and vehicle. With these examples, the influence of different materials, data formats and parameters such as size and complexity are investigated. Also, the necessary configurations for the mesh and the solvers are described.