Articles | Volume 13
03 Nov 2015
 | 03 Nov 2015

An active UHF RFID localization system for fawn saving

M. Eberhardt, M. Lehner, A. Ascher, M. Allwang, and E. M. Biebl

Abstract. We present a localization concept for active UHF RFID transponders which enables mowing machine drivers to detect and localize marked fawns. The whole system design and experimental results with transponders located near the ground in random orientations in a meadow area are shown. The communication flow between reader and transponders is realized as a dynamic master-slave concept. Multiple marked fawns will be localized by processing detected transponders sequentially. With an eight-channel-receiver with integrated calibration method one can estimate the direction-of-arrival by measuring the phases of the transponder signals up to a range of 50 m in all directions. For further troubleshooting array manifolds have been measured. An additional hand-held receiver with a two-channel receiver allows a guided approaching search without endangering the fawn by the mowing machine.

Short summary
This paper presents a localization concept for fawn saving. Fawns can be saved during pasture mowing by marking them with an active UHF RFID transponder. The system consists of a mowing-machine mounted direction-of-arrival (DOA) system and a handheld DOA device. Only by estimating the DOA one can reliable localize the marked fawns. The whole RFID and DOA system is presented and communication concept is shown.