Articles | Volume 9
01 Aug 2011
 | 01 Aug 2011

An efficient architecture for the integration of sensor and actuator networks into the future internet

J. Schneider, A. Klein, C. Mannweiler, and H. D. Schotten

Abstract. In the future, sensors will enable a large variety of new services in different domains. Important application areas are service adaptations in fixed and mobile environments, ambient assisted living, home automation, traffic management, as well as management of smart grids. All these applications will share a common property, the usage of networked sensors and actuators. To ensure an efficient deployment of such sensor-actuator networks, concepts and frameworks for managing and distributing sensor data as well as for triggering actuators need to be developed. In this paper, we present an architecture for integrating sensors and actuators into the future Internet. In our concept, all sensors and actuators are connected via gateways to the Internet, that will be used as comprehensive transport medium. Additionally, an entity is needed for registering all sensors and actuators, and managing sensor data requests. We decided to use a hierarchical structure, comparable to the Domain Name Service. This approach realizes a cost-efficient architecture disposing of "plug and play" capabilities and accounting for privacy issues.