Articles | Volume 9
01 Aug 2011
 | 01 Aug 2011

A modified prefix operator well suited for area-efficient brick-based adder implementations

I. Rust and T. G. Noll

Abstract. The implementation of integrated circuits becomes more and more difficult in the Ultra-Deep-Submicron regime due to sub-wavelength lithography issues. An approach called Brick-Based Design was recently proposed to eliminate the disadvantages of staying with the classical approach to layout design. Prefix adders are a core component in a wide variety of applications due to their high speed and regular topology. In this paper, a modified prefix operator for prefix adders is proposed which is well suited for brick-style layout implementation and, in addition, offers an increase in efficiency. The proposed operator makes it possible to use a mirror gate for the generation of both generate and propagate signals, which exhibits a forbidden input signal combination. This "forbidden state" causes an increase in power dissipation due to transient short circuit currents. The effect of the forbidden state was quantified as part of a comparison against the classical prefix operator, based on 64-bit Sklansky adders implemented in a 40-nm CMOS technology. The effects of the forbidden state were found to be well acceptable. The implementation of the adder based on the proposed prefix operator reduces the area by 29% while increasing the power by 13% compared to one based on the classical operator.