Articles | Volume 13
03 Nov 2015
 | 03 Nov 2015

A novel ZePoC encoder for sinusoidal signals with a predictable accuracy for an AC power standard

T. Vennemann, T. Frye, Z. Liu, M. Kahmann, and W. Mathis

Abstract. In this paper we present an analytical formulation of a Zero Position Coding (ZePoC) encoder for an AC power standard based on class-D topologies. For controlling a class-D power stage a binary signal with special spectral characteristics will be generated by this ZePoC encoder for sinusoidal signals. These spectral characteristics have a predictable accuracy within a separated baseband to keep the noise floor below a specified level. Simulation results will validate the accuracy of this novel ZePoC encoder. For a real-time implementation of the encoder on a DSP/FPGA hardware architecture a trade-off between accuracy and speed of the ZePoC algorithm has to be made. Therefore the numerical effects of different floating point formats will be analyzed.