Articles | Volume 13
03 Nov 2015
 | 03 Nov 2015

Coexistence issues for a 2.4 GHz wireless audio streaming in presence of bluetooth paging and WLAN

F. Pfeiffer, M. Rashwan, E. Biebl, and B. Napholz

Abstract. Nowadays, customers expect to integrate their mobile electronic devices (smartphones and laptops) in a vehicle to form a wireless network. Typically, IEEE 802.11 is used to provide a high-speed wireless local area network (WLAN) and Bluetooth is used for cable replacement applications in a wireless personal area network (PAN). In addition, Daimler uses KLEER as third wireless technology in the unlicensed (UL) 2.4 GHz-ISM-band to transmit full CD-quality digital audio. As Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11 and KLEER are operating in the same frequency band, it has to be ensured that all three technologies can be used simultaneously without interference. In this paper, we focus on the impact of Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11 as interferer in presence of a KLEER audio transmission.

Short summary
In this paper, the coexistence of KLEER (a proprietary wireless standard in the 2.4GHz-ISM-band for high quality audio transmission) in presence of Bluetooth and WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g is analyzed. The study shows that Bluetooth and WLAN can be a very serious interferer, especially when no Bluetooth device is connected and Bluetooth will periodically actively search for devices (Bluetooth paging).