Articles | Volume 15
21 Sep 2017
 | 21 Sep 2017

Single waveguide silicon-organic hybrid modulator

Niklas Hoppe, Christian Rothe, Arda Celik, María Félix Rosa, Wolfgang Vogel, Daniel Widmann, Lotte Rathgeber, M. Carmen Ruiz Delgado, Belén Villacampa, Sabine Ludwigs, and Manfred Berroth

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Design of a carrier-depletion Mach-Zehnder modulator in 250 nm silicon-on-insulator technology
María Félix Rosa, Lotte Rathgeber, Raik Elster, Niklas Hoppe, Thomas Föhn, Martin Schmidt, Wolfgang Vogel, and Manfred Berroth
Adv. Radio Sci., 15, 269–281,,, 2017
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We present a novel silicon-organic hybrid modulator based on an single waveguide interferometer, which can be used for optical communications. A prototype modulator showing a voltage dependent transmission spectrum is obtained by cladding a dual-mode waveguide in a 250 nm silicon-on-insulator technology with a customized organic electro-optic layer. The presented prototype is to the best of the authors’ knowledge the first integrated single waveguide silicon-organic hybrid modulator.