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Adv. Radio Sci., 17, 137–143, 2019
Adv. Radio Sci., 17, 137–143, 2019

  19 Sep 2019

19 Sep 2019

Fast post-Doppler STAP with road map for traffic monitoring: overview and first results

André B. C. da Silva et al.

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Novel post-Doppler STAP with a priori knowledge information for traffic monitoring applications: basic idea and first results
André B. C. da Silva and Stefan V. Baumgartner
Adv. Radio Sci., 15, 77–82,,, 2017
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Synthetic Aperture Radar is an efficient solution for traffic monitoring due to its high spatial resolution and independence from daylight and weather conditions. This paper presents a fast processor based on the powerful post-Doppler space-time adaptive processing technique. The algorithm has great potential for real-time processing, decreased hardware complexity and low costs compared to state-of-the-art systems. It is tested using real 4-channel data acquired with the DLR’s airborne F-SAR.