Articles | Volume 20
21 Mar 2023
 | 21 Mar 2023

Antenna Setup for Future Joint Radar-Communications – Characteristics and Mounting Positions

Maximilian Lübke, Jonas Fuchs, Anand Dubey, Martin Frank, Norman Franchi, and Fabian Lurz

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Angelika S. Thalmayer, Samuel Zeising, Maximilian Lübke, and Georg Fischer
Adv. Radio Sci., 20, 93–104,,, 2023
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We extend our recent findings regarding various antenna mounting positions, analysing a typical rural street traffic scenario. Varying antenna characteristics are evaluated regarding their communication and sensor suitability to address future intelligent transportation systems based on joint radar-communications. The mirror position with a 16x16 patch array is recommended, whereas for the bumper and the roof less focused antennas like a 4x4 patch array are recommended.