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01 Dec 2023
 | 01 Dec 2023

Y-shaped tunable monolithic dual colour lasers for THz technology

Carsten Brenner, Nils Surkamp, and Martin Rudolf Hofmann

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Near Infrared Diode Laser THz Systems
Carsten Brenner, Yinghui Hu, Jared Gwaro, Nils Surkamp, Benjamin Döpke, Martin R. Hofmann, Besher Kani, Andreas Stöhr, Bernd Sumpf, Andreas Klehr, and Jörg Fricke
Adv. Radio Sci., 16, 167–175,,, 2018
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THz systems are promising tools for non-destructive testing and material characterisation. High costs, which are mostly determined by the laser system, prevent the application in the market. By using monolithic dual-colour lasers, a significant cost decrease can be achieved. We discuss some of the typical drawbacks associated with these lasers. Furthermore, we present a complete THz system which is based on a dual-colour diode laser to show the capabilities for material characterisation.