Articles | Volume 3
13 May 2005
13 May 2005

A Contribution to Reconfigurable Analog Electronics by a Digitally Programmable Sensor Signal Amplifier

S. K. Lakshmanan and A. König

Abstract. In particular, primary sensor electronics are prone to deviations and degradation in its performance due to environmental influences and manufacturing conditions. In order to restore its functionality, calibration or trimming techniques are usually employed. More recent, programmable or reconfigurable approaches from the field of evolutionary electronics offer great source of inspiration through their unique properties of fault-tolerance and self-repair. In our approach, we try to include efficiently, the available knowledge of recent reconfigurable devices into the otherwise attractive concept. In our approach, a flexible FPTA architecture is developed meeting the requirement of sensor signal amplifier in particular for time continuous signal processing. The developed approach is verified and implemented in 0.35μm CMOS technology.