Articles | Volume 13
03 Nov 2015
 | 03 Nov 2015

Energy conserving coupling through small apertures in an infinite perfect conducting screen

J. Petzold, S. Tkachenko, and R. Vick

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Sergey V. Tkachenko, Juergen B. Nitsch, Felix Middelstaedt, Ronald Rambousky, Martin Schaarschmidt, and Ralf Vick
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Short summary
Apertures in shielding enclosures are an important issue for determining shielding efficiencies. Bethe’s theory describes the coupling via field excited dipole moments at the location of the aperture. This approach neglects the reaction of the dipoles on the exciting field and therefore violates energy conservation. This work emphasizes an analytical asymptotic approach for coupling between half-spaces through small apertures, which allows an understandable generalization of Bethe’s theory.