Articles | Volume 15
21 Sep 2017
 | 21 Sep 2017

Design of a 0.13 µm SiGe Limiting Amplifier with 14.6 THz Gain-Bandwidth-Product

Sehoon Park, Xuan-Quang Du, Markus Grözing, and Manfred Berroth

Data sets

Postlayout simulation results of a 0.13 µm SiGe Limiting Amplifier with 14.6 THz Gain-Bandwidth-Product S. Park, X.-Q. Du, M. Grözing, and M. Berroth

Short summary
This paper presents a new generalized design methodology based on simplified gain estimations for multi-stage Cherry–Hooper amplifiers. With the proposed approach, a limiting amplifier with 14.6 THz gain-bandwidth-product and 0.5 ps maximum group delay variation is designed.