Articles | Volume 15
05 Dec 2017
 | 05 Dec 2017

Design of a carrier-depletion Mach-Zehnder modulator in 250 nm silicon-on-insulator technology

María Félix Rosa, Lotte Rathgeber, Raik Elster, Niklas Hoppe, Thomas Föhn, Martin Schmidt, Wolfgang Vogel, and Manfred Berroth

Data sets

Data set of a carrier-depletion Mach-Zehnder modulator in 250 nm silicon-on-insulator technology M. Félix Rosa, L. Rathgeber, R. Elster, N. Hoppe, T. Föhn, M. Schmidt, W. Vogel, and M. Berroth

Short summary
We present the design of an optical modulator for amplitude modulation in a special silicon-on-insulator technology with 250 nm silicon layer thickness. The design of the modulator is optimized by simulating different parameters like dimension of the structure and doping of the silicon to improve the performance of the device. In addition, a prototype is fabricated and successfully measured to demonstrate the functionality of the technology.