Articles | Volume 20
21 Mar 2023
 | 21 Mar 2023

Towards Steering Magnetic Nanoparticles in Drug Targeting Using a Linear Halbach Array

Angelika S. Thalmayer, Samuel Zeising, Maximilian Lübke, and Georg Fischer

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Towards Differential Static Magnetic Localization of Commercial Capsule Endoscopes: An Evaluation Using Different Ring and Cylindrical Magnets
Samuel Zeising, Lu Chen, Angelika Thalmayer, Georg Fischer, and Jens Kirchner
Adv. Radio Sci., 20, 105–112,,, 2023
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Innovative Differential Magnetic Localization Method for Capsule Endoscopy to Prevent Interference Caused by the Geomagnetic Field
Samuel Zeising, Daisuke Anzai, Angelika Thalmayer, Georg Fischer, and Jens Kirchner
Adv. Radio Sci., 19, 207–213,,, 2021
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We investigated two different arrangements of Halbach arrays for steering magnetic nanoparticles in cancer therapy. The arrays are arranged with permanent magnets where the strong and weak magnetic sides can be changed by rotating the single magnets. For deriving the magnetic force, two different fitting functions were analyzed and compared. Summarized, the magnetic force and, thus, the region where the particles are able to get washed out, can be adjusted using low-cost permanent magnets.