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21 Mar 2023
 | 21 Mar 2023

Impact of Additional Antenna Groundplanes on RTK-GNSS Positioning Accuracy of UAVs

Stefan Punzet and Thomas F. Eibert

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Dynamic Eigenimage Based Background and Clutter Suppression for Ultra Short-Range Radar
Matthias G. Ehrnsperger, Maximilian Noll, Stefan Punzet, Uwe Siart, and Thomas F. Eibert
Adv. Radio Sci., 19, 71–77,,, 2021
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UAV-based antenna measurements are of particular interest for physically large antennas, where traditional antenna measurement techniques are not applicable. Precise position information is obtained by GNSS, where the receiving GNSS antenna is a critical system component. An additional antenna groundplane may be beneficial or even required, depending on the antenna design. Appropriate groundplane configurations improved the achievable position accuracy in the majority of investigated cases.