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21 Sep 2017
 | 21 Sep 2017

Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing with amplitude shift keying subcarrier modulation as a reliable and efficient transmission scheme for self-mixing receivers

Jonas Kornprobst, Thomas J. Mittermaier, and Thomas F. Eibert

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Near-field measurement of continuously modulated fields employing the time-harmonic near- to far-field transformation
Fabian T. Faul, Jonas Kornprobst, Torsten Fritzel, Hans-Jürgen Steiner, Rüdiger Strauß, Alexander Weiß, Robert Geise, and Thomas F. Eibert
Adv. Radio Sci., 17, 83–89,,, 2019
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By analyzing the behavior of a self-mixing receiver, an appropriate model with a squre-law device can be obtained. This model is analyzed and a novel transmission technique with higher spectral efficiency is deduced by the formulation of the signal reconstruction problem as a phase retrival problem. Simulation results show the good performance of the proposed method.